The Victoria Eggs Blog page explores a variety of of topics related to good 'Old Blighty'. Looking at British quirks, food, language, cities, holidays, hobbies, handmade in Britain, transport, occasions and celebrations and let's not forget the all important weather and tea!

Victoria's Chicken and Mushroom Pie
VictoriaEggs - 09/03/2017

Victoria's simple and delicious chicken and mushroom pie recipe, perfect for sharing with friends and family. Serve with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Getting ‘Hygge’ With It!
VictoriaEggs - 28/12/2016

Pronounced ‘Hue-gah’ rather than ‘Higgy’ and all the rage right now is the Danish way of seeing and feeling the beautiful pleasure of everyday things and rituals. There’s something wonderful in being aware that everything in its moment can be special.

Festive Recipes for Sharing
VictoriaEggs - 05/12/2016

Victoria loves nothing more than being hostess and this year she has been testing out some recipes to have at the ready whatever the occasion.

Getting Crafty for Christmas
VictoriaEggs - 29/11/2016

It’s super busy in the office at the moment with so many of your wanting something Victoria Eggs under the tree, thanks for that by the way. But everyone need’s some quiet time, have a cup of tea and get yourself in to the festive spirit.

Horrid Halloween Ghoulish Ideas Horrid Halloween - Ghoulish Ideas
VictoriaEggs - 19/10/2016

Apple cider, dunking apples, crazy sweets, ghost stories, and dressing up in silly costumes! … it’s the night of the year when ghosts, witches, and fairies are particularly active… If you’re a little...

The Perfect Roast Dinner
VictoriaEggs - 04/10/2016

The great British roast dinner, is the very heart of British food and cooking and I love it. Admittedly a traditional roast dinner can be a challenge, juggling all the different elements, and getting the timing just right is what makes it great! Here’s a

'Luvverly' Grub - East End Food Traditions
VictoriaEggs - 17/09/2016

The East End has its own unique cockney food delicacies to offer us. The locals call it ‘luvverly grub’ and you can’t call yourself a cockney until you’ve tried a plate of the following Becks and Posh (Nosh!)

Mind Your Manners - Great British Dining Etiquette
VictoriaEggs - 06/09/2016

We British can be a stickler for proper table manners, and when it comes to quintessential British etiquette, there are few niceties to observe! The best table manners are always those that no one notices.

Barbecue Secrets - The Master Guide to Extraordinary
VictoriaEggs - 17/07/2016

When you see the sun come out from behind the clouds, it’s time… for the Great British BBQ! We Brits love a BBQ come rain or shine, food always tastes better outdoors. Here are some top tips to having a successful barbecue without the cremated sausages

The Ultimate Scoop - Great British Ice-Cream
VictoriaEggs - 17/07/2016

A nostalgic treat that cools you down and makes you smile. The great British summer wouldn’t be the same without the comforting jingle of the ice-cream van or a visit to an ice-cream parlour. Here are our top places to get Ice cream in the UK.

Picnic Perfection - Fun Tips for a Great British Picnic
VictoriaEggs - 17/07/2016

Top tips to make your picnic perfect. Including British picnic classics such as Scotch eggs, Cornish pasties, pork pies, sausage rolls, quiche, Coronation chicken sandwiches and Eton Mess.

Tea, Glorious Tea
VictoriaEggs - 12/07/2016

I LOVE tea! I have a dedicated tea cupboard and a favourite mug, (my orange cockney mug), but as well as this daily ritual I love to make tea drinking a bit of an event. Here are some of the best places in London to get a perfect 'cuppa'.


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