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Sometimes it difficult to buy a gift that's heartfelt and thoughtful. We all know that buying a present from any wish list will make her day, but in my experience the gifts that mean the most are the ones that people make for you. Knowing that someone has spent their time creating something that they know you will love is very special. So why not treat that special lady to something handmade and thoughtful this year. Whether you're buying her a birthday present, Mother's Day gift, something special for your anniversary or Christmas these DIY gifts are sure to make her smile.

Here are 5 simple and thoughtful handmade gifts for women that are affordable and you can make yourself:


1. Origami Heart

These delicate origami hearts can be used as a beautiful alternative to a greeting card. You can fill the heart with a personal message of your choice and then fold it so the message is hidden inside. You can be as creative as you want with the size and colour and experiment by making them from colourful paper or gift wrap.

Materials: (Time 15 mins)
Paper, pen, scissors

How To:
1. Cut your paper into a rectangle, approximately the same shape as a £5 note and write your 5 favourite things about your Mum, sister, girlfriend or wife in the centre.

2. Search ‘origami heart’ online and follow any of the easy step-by-step videos available. (I have made the ‘money origami heart’ you can view the video here). This beautiful heart is easy to make and perfect for tiny fingers, as some of the folds are quite small.


2. Pink Lemonade 

Homemade pink lemonade is a delicious and simple way to add a touch of pink to any party or occasion. Pink lemonade is delightfully refreshing and is perfect for any garden party. You can also turn it into a beautiful gift by bottling it up and taking it as an alternative/or addition to a bottle of wine.

Materials: (Time 15 mins)
Glass bottles, ¾ cup raspberries, 1 cup granulated sugar, 2/3 cup water. 6 cups cold water, 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (approx. 7 lemons), ice, mint (optional).

How To:
1. Place the raspberries, sugar, and water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 10 minutes. Pour the raspberry mixture through a strainer into a bowl and push on the solids with a spoon to release all of the liquid; discard the solids. Let the syrup cool.

2. Place the raspberry syrup in a pitcher. Add the cold water and lemon juice and stir. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Pour over ice and garnish with lemon slices, mint or fresh raspberries, if desired.


3. Body scrub

Create a pamper kit with this homemade salt and lemon body scrub. Homemade scrubs make lovely gifts for your girlfriends or relatives and can be part of an at home pamper day. Scrubs remove the dead layer of cells on your skin’s surface leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. By making them at home you can ensure that they contain only natural oils that moisturise and feed your skin. If you want to get really creative you can combine scents to relax, soothe, energise, or create a romantic mood. And the great news is homemade body scrubs are really simple to make.

Materials: (Time 15 mins)
1 cup of Epsom salt or coarse salt crystals, 1/3 cup of olive oil, juice of one lemon, glass jar, label.

How To:
1. Combine the salt and olive oil and juice of 1 lemon in a bowl and stir.

2. Place in a jar with a tight fitting lid and attach a label of your choice.


4. Candle lanterns

Candle lanterns add a warm glow to any room. These lanterns could be given as part of your beauty pamper kit with the body scrub above. Adding yellow light instantly makes a room feel cosy and these handmade paper lanterns with tea lights are perfect for relaxing in the bath.

Materials: (Time 15 mins)
Card, pencil, scissors or a Stanley knife and cutting mat, sticky tape, tea light candle.

How To:
1. Cut the card to the desired dimensions (for the smaller lanterns used a piece of A4 card in half length ways). Fold the card into 4 equal sections. Draw a pattern onto the reverse in pencil.

2. Carefully cut out the sections you want light to shine through. Fold the paper into a square and tape closed. Place a lighted tea light candles in the center, and enjoy the flickering patterns cast by your new handmade lanterns! Be sure to place the lanterns on a fire-safe surface as the candles can get hot and do not leave unattended.


5. 52 I Love You's.

A simple and thoughtful gift for Mum's, girlfriends and wives alike. This gift is a lot of fun and the theme can vary depending on who this gift is for. You could create a list of reasons you love the one you're with or happy memories you have shared together. This is a incredibly thoughtful gift and one they will treasure for years to come. A perfect keepsake with loads of room for creativity.

Materials: (Time: 1 Hour)
Pack of playing cards (the ones I have used are £1 from Tiger), plain paper, ribbon, scissors, pen, hole punch, glue.

How to:
1. Turn the cards face up and punch a hole in the top left corner of each card and tie together with ribbon.

2. Cut out 52 pieces of paper approximately 3cm x 5cm and stick them in the center of each playing card. For kids creating a thoughtful Father's Day gift write an ‘I owe you’ on each one, maybe something that will make your parents life a little easier. e.g. making your bed, daily hugs, drying the dishes, breakfast in bed. For those sending it to someone special write the many reasons you love that person or happy memories you've shared together.

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