Ethical and Sustainability Policy

Victoria Eggs has been passionate about hand-crafting and distributing UK-made products from the very start. 

Back in 2011, starting out on a chilly Spitalfields market stall, Victoria had a clear vision to build her business using only the finest materials which were ethical, sustainable and British-made. That principle still stands today, with Victoria personally reviewing and selecting every single supplier, their ethical policies and working practices, including tracing the materials back to source. 

Every Victoria Eggs product is proudly hand-made in the United Kingdom, using traditional small batch craft methods. This supports traditional craft businesses in the UK, as well as making every batch of product we make unique.

People are at the heart of the Victoria Eggs brand, and we strive to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, many of whom we have worked with since the very beginning. We value their incredible skills, and  the love and care that goes into every Victoria Eggs product you buy. 

Sustainability matters

We are committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. We are continually exploring ways to lessen our impact on the environment and on our planet. We only partner with manufacturers around the UK whose ethics closely align with our code of environmental responsibility and sustainability. Our commitment is to the planet and its people.

Although the decision to manufacture solely in the UK is not the easiest or cheapest option due to constraints on order quantities and lead-times Victoria remains committed to this ideal. Our customers value the care, attention and quality craftsmanship of our product, and align with our sustainability goals, preferring to make considered purchases to last a lifetime, over fast-fashion production methods. 

 Everything is produced and packaged in the UK, from our ceramic mugs to the woven labels.

Our objectives:

  • Design our products with the utmost quality for longevity (We want you to have the perfect Great British cuppa that will last you forever)
  • Measure and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Manage waste and explore new ways to implement the circular economy
  • Partner with manufacturers that value a safe and healthy working environment for their employees


We support the UK industry by sourcing quality products from suppliers within this country. We assure they have proper accreditation and quality working conditions. To comply with our comprehensive list of social, ethical, and health and safety guidelines, we research our suppliers’ sustainability and ethical policies before partnering with them.

Products & packaging:

All products are manufactured and packaged in the UK.

  • Our textiles manufacturer is SEDEX-registered and SMETA 4 Pillar accredited and the cotton is fully traceable from accredited yarn suppliers and mills who are either SEDEX registered or STeP audited by OEKO-TEX. They are printed using environmentally-friendly REACH compliant water-based inks and all other chemicals used in cleaning processes are environmentally safe and REACH compliant. under great working conditions.
  • Our skilled manufacturer, Duchess China, is one of the only factories left in the UK that makes everything hands-on from start to finish in their factory. Our ceramics are made with clay from Cornwall, and in order to ensure as little waste as possible, we reuse energy and send any broken tiles to a local tile company that reuses and recycles the clay. To learn more about how our ceramics are so lovingly made, visit here.
  • Prints, cards, and wraps are crafted on British-made, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper. FSC is an organization that promotes the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide, establishing environmentally friendly and socially and economically responsibility to our forests for generations to come.
  • Our coasters and pot stands are manufactured by SmithTaylor in the UK, using cork that is FSC certified. The laminate can be peeled off all coasters and pot stands, meaning the cork can be recycled, and SmithTaylor plant a tree for every order we place through their partners Trees For The Future.

The Victoria Eggs philosophy

We promise to always lovingly hand-design each and every one of our products, which are made for quality and longevity.  Everything is produced and packaged completely in the UK, from our ceramic mugs to the woven labels, and always will be. We want you to have the perfect Great British cuppa that you can enjoy now, and forever. From Heart to Home.