Five Reasons Why You Should Be Using A Cosmetics Bag

    1. It’s The Perfect Place To Store All Makeup And Cosmetic Products And Items.

    There’s nothing worse than not knowing where you’ve put your makeup bits, or even worse, loosing your makeup products all of the time. Having a Cosmetics bag prevents you from misplacing your makeup and cosmetic goodies, allowing you to store them all in one safe and secure place. Cosmetics bags are the go-to-bags for makeup lovers and users.


    1. They Are A Fun And Stylish Accessory To Have In Your Handbag At All Times.

    The beauty of Cosmetics bags is that they come all in sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. That means that there is a bag out there for you that is a perfect match for your preferences, requirements and tastes. Our Cosmetics bags contain beautifully hand illustrated designs and images, offering you a one-of-a kind product that we know you’ll love.



    1. Makes For A Great Gift For Her/ A Friend.

    Cosmetics bags make for a lovely gift – whether it’s for her Birthday, Christmas or simply just a kind gesture for a friend, you can never have enough of them as these pretty little bags always have a use and purpose. Our designs come in colours Blue and Red but if you can’t pick just the one, choose both.


    1. They Can Be Used As A Stationary Pencil Case As Well As A Cosmetics Bag.

    These bags are primarily made for cosmetics and makeup storage, but who said you couldn’t use them for something else? The multifunctional nature of these bags means you can turn yours into a stationary bag / pencil case! The design mimics that of a pencil case very similarly, and could be used to store pens, pencils and other things alike. Our bags do come with zips, so you can rest assured that your things won’t be falling out.



    1. They Have A Waterproof Lining To Prevent Any Long-Term Liquid And Makeup Damage To The Inside Of The Bag.

    We’ve all been in the situation where our makeup blushes, or liquid foundation has spilt and covered the entire inside of our cosmetics bag, making it impossible to clean and wipe away. Luckily, these cosmetics bags have a lovely cream waterproof lining to prevent any long-term makeup stains and marks. If you do spill some makeup in your bag, a simple one-wipe with a damp tissue or wet towel will remove the mark (s) straightaway.


    Victoria Eggs creates two types of Cosmetics bag designs to pick from whether you’re a fully-fledged makeup lover, stationary stacker or simply just a lover of the brand. The Cosmetics bags are made of panama Cotton, and have a cream waterproof lining, so lots of T.L.C. and detailed love has been put into the creation of these handmade and hand decorated products.

    Get inspired and shop the collection right now!
    What makes you love your Cosmetics bag so much, and what do you keep in yours?
    Comment below and let us know, happy shopping!

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