From Heart To Home - Meet The Hands Mining My Cornish Clay

In April, I received a very special email from a customer.

Janet got in touch to tell me about the meaningful connection that her and her husband have not only to the Cornish clay that my ceramics are made from, but also with the Jubilee itself.

Here's their story…

“I have ordered 2 of the Jubilee mugs and just had to write to you - one of the reasons I have ordered is that you had put in the details that they are made with Cornish clay and my husband digs that Cornish clay and has worked in the clay pits doing so for most of his life. 

The Hannafords

This sealed the purchase for me as it not only celebrates our wonderful Queen but also my husband's work in the industry, and he was born on 5th February 1952 so it all has great significance for us. 

Thank you, I cannot wait to receive my parcel and have ordered one for my sister who now lives in Australia and is unable to buy. Such a special present to myself.”

The phrase ‘From Heart To Home’ is driven by my desire to bring more of the heart into the home, and for there to be meaning behind the objects that we use every day without thinking.

It gave me goosebumps to find out that Janet’s husband digs the clay that makes my bone china ceramics, and that he could potentially be drinking a cuppa out of the fruits of his labour! It’s so lovely to be able to put a face - one out of hundreds, I’m sure - to another component of Victoria Eggs.

The Cornish clay arriving at Duchess China.

It means so much to me to have a connection throughout the entire production process of my products, which is why I choose to have my mugs, tea cups, and saucers hand-crafted by Duchess China here in the UK.

Thank you so much for sharing such a special story with me Janet.

To see our full range of ceramics that are hand-crafted from Cornish clay, click here.

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