Get Home Safe with WalkSafe

Here at Victoria Eggs not only do we believe in a cozy night in, but a fun night out — and, of course, a safe trip home!

With the rising cost of living and energy prices, more and more people are opting to walk home after a night out rather than taking a taxi. Naturally, walking home in the dark increases the chances for a potentially dangerous situation to unfold, making it ever-so important to plan ahead so as to prevent any such situations. This is where the WalkSafe app comes in.

WalkSafe was founded in 2020 with the belief that people should take precautionary measures to avoid crime rather than reactionary measures when finding themselves in unfortunate situations.

With the app, users can put in their final destination and WalkSafe will generate the safest route to get there while walking. The app has a myriad of features that help users stay as safe as possible while getting home. Icons on the map inform users of any street crimes that have previously occurred in the area, and hot spot alerts will let them know if they are passing any such areas. Users can also choose to share their live location with friends and family, making sure that everyone gets home safely.

Victoria Eggs had the pleasure of working with WalkSafe to create images for the app which make choosing to walk home as safe as possible. The rich and colorful illustrations found in the app were created by Victoria for WalkSafe users to better be able to understand how to utilize the app to its fullest potential.

Recently, WalkSafe has partnered with Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I to further empower people to enjoy a night out as safely as possible. 

As their posters read, “The fun’s not over until every Bud is home.” 

Find advertisements for the partnership on the tube and download the app to see Victoria’s graphics and plot your next route home.

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