Gift Wrapping Made Simple with Victoria Eggs


This week at VE Headquarters, we've been looking at all the wonderfully unusual ways there are to add the finishing touches to your presents. And in doing so, we stumbled upon many amazing ways to make gift wrapping more exciting! And as Mother's Day is just on the horizon, we thought we should give our favourite ideas a go, and make those Mother's Day gifts even more special. Make sure you watch our How To video; Gift wrapping made easy with Victoria Eggs, for a quick and simple way to wrap a gift beautifully.

Wrapping doesn't have to be a rushed afterthought, or a simple means of masking the gift until it's time to greet its recipient. You can really expand the gift giving experience by making the wrapping just as thoughtful and creative as the present inside.

Finding a gift wrap that relates to the theme of the gifts, or is a complimenting colour is a simple way to tie the experience together, and really enhance the overall feel of the gift. A print that also shows the lucky recipient's favourite hobby is also an excellent way to not only make the present beautiful, but let them know just how well you know them.

Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration, and from just a quick search you'll find ideas on how to also add decoration with crafted ribbon, sparkle and even fresh flowers to give your gift added character.


One idea that we loved this week at VE HQ was creating little origami pieces. We know all too well the annoyance of having the ends of your gift wrap left over, the pieces that are not quite big enough to save to wrap another gift at a later date; but some fun paper crafts is an excellent way to make use of your leftovers and make your gift wrapping something to treasure. To make it even more special, we suggest trying your hand at a design that represents a special memory or object you share with the person you are giving the gift to. Plus, it's also a great way to get the kids involved and make it a fun, learning family activity!

We followed this link to learn how to make this simple origami bow, which is pictured below.

We're lucky enough to have beautiful gift wrap on hand in our office, but don't worry, you can also get yours by clicking here, and make those Mother's Day gifts almost too good to open!



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