Goodbye, your Majesty. And thank you.


I’m struggling to find the words to express how sad I am to hear the news that our Queen has died today. 

Like so many of you, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee holds such a special place in my heart. 

It was an incredible moment in our history, and the first time I’ve felt so inspired to design in such a long time. 

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee brought the whole world back together, to celebrate after what had been such a long time apart. 

It gave us hope, and joy, and so much pride in being British. We shared that sentiment with the world, and the world joined in to celebrate, and share in our pride. 

This historical moment in time has meant so much to the Victoria Eggs family. 

To say I feel so saddened that we now have to say goodbye to such a formidable, and irreplaceable Queen is an understatement. 

I’m sending so much love to the Royal Family, and you all, on this sad, sad day.

The UK is so very proud of what you’ve done for us. 

Thank you, Queen Elizabeth. We will never forget you. 


Victoria x

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