Let's make a difference this Plastic Free July!

Plastic Free July is an amazing global movement that helps raise awareness of plastic consumption and highlights ways we can all play our part in reducing plastic pollution in our oceans, streets and communities. The charity started in a small town in Western Australia by a lady called Rebecca Prince-Ruiz. This campaign started off small in 2011 and is now one of the most influential campaigns in the world.

The vision of Plastic Free July is to work towards plastic-free oceans and a better environment for all living beings. Who doesn't want to see that change?

We think it is really important to highlight this campaign as it is something we are very passionate about here at Victoria Eggs.

Why not help the planet in style by ditching your plastic bags and replacing them with reusable ones? We have a great selection of canvas bags here at Victoria Eggs which are all made in the UK. Not only are they super stylish but they are strong enough to hold your heaviest of items. So whether you are shopping for your Sunday roast essentials or hitting the high street for some retail therapy, these bags have got you and the planet covered!

Other ways you can help the planet...

Zero waste grocery shops are a fabulous way to cut out unnecessary plastic and help lead a healthier lifestyle. The food products tend to be raw, non-processed foods that you can take home in a refillable container. There are currently around 200 zero waste shops in the UK but this is estimated to increase due to the popularity of zero waste living.

There are many benefits of shopping zero such as reduced plastic, less food waste, bulk buying made easier which also means fewer trips to the shops lowering your carbon footprint! Eco-mazing!

Cutting out meat once a week not only helps the planet but can help you save those pennies and live a healthier lifestyle! According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the livestock farming sector is one of the biggest causes of environmental damage, even if the produce is farmed locally or globally!

Here is a handy little read if you are interested in going meatless once a week: Monday Campaign

Growing your own veggies not only makes your garden look lovely but it also helps the environment by plastic reduction and less food waste!

You can also use your gone-off fruit and veg for composting to help improve the quality of your next batch of fresh veggies and fruit! (winner winner!).

What's your favourite way to help the environment? Share in the comment box below and let's do our part!

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