New Year, New Home! Declutter your home this January.


Our top tips for making your house a home this January!

We have no idea how it has come to be the middle of January already! Everything post-Christmas seems to go by in such a blur and once the storm has calmed, you are often left feeling that your home has taken somewhat of a beating, what with all the Christmas festivities, the piling up of the presents and the worn out looking settee that has been graced with all your guests behinds! So we asked ourselves, how can we inject some light into our homes for the new year and have come up with some handy tips that we are already putting into action. What's more, we can honestly say that they have reinvigorated and reinvented our living space and made us feel like our house is finally a home again. Now we are REALLY ready to take on whatever 2016 throws at us! Here are our top 3 tips to declutter your home.

Tip One:

Start small. No your house isn't going to become organised overnight but by slowly eliminating clutter one room at a time it will soon become a space in which every item has a purpose and reason for being there. There are always going to be bits and pieces lying around, that's the nature of living a busy life, but you can get creative and use fun, pretty objects to provide useful solutions. So why not grab that beautiful bowl that you were gifted for Christmas and put all your keys in there? You need to keep in mind exactly what aesthetic you want to achieve and how you envisage the room looking once you are done. So why not go around each room of the house and place 5 or 10 items into a bag that you feel no longer belong in that space or need a different home. Slowly but surely we guarantee that not only will your home feel more organised but that your mind will as well!

Tip Two:

Finally it's the turn of the bedroom. For many of us our wardrobes are the culprit for most of our mess. A cavernous space, you can end up shoving things in there which end up never seeing the light of day again. We can honestly say that that fluorescent dress that you bought in March 2013 that you thought one day you may be brave enough to wear is still not going to be worn to your dinner date on a Friday night. So spend a day sorting through all your clothes and putting them into a order that fits with how you like to pick your outfits. Once every item has a home, turn the coat hangers the 'wrong way around'. As soon as you've worn an outfit turn them 'the right way around' . This is the perfect way to keep a catalogue of what you actually do wear on a day-to-day basis and allows you to get rid of unwanted items at the drop of a hat rather than agonising over whether you will wear it in the future. If you haven't after 6 months, you aren't going to in 2 years time.

Tip Three:

Next, we all have thousands of books/DVDs/comics that accumulate over the years and often they are there clogging up bookshelves with no particular order and when you actually want to locate something it can become nigh on impossible. So why not arrange all of them in order of colour or by genre? If you want to get really really specific you could even alphabetise them but we can see that that may be a step too far for some! This can create a really great visual effect on your shelves and provide a fun focal point to your room. Its a great way to make a simple design change whilst also being able to take some time to sort through what you really do have stuffed at the back of all those bookshelves . We are sure that you will probably find that you have been bought a book more than once and those can easily be given to a more appreciative home. So once you've sorted through everything make sure that you either sell, donate or throw away all those unwanted bits. We guarantee you'll find you have a whole lot of space that magically becomes available.

So there we have it, three simple tips that will ensure your home remains decluttered throughout 2016! You can visit Victoria's Pinterest board on her favourite places and spaces for further inspiration.

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