Q+A With Goodwoods British Market, Our May Retailer Of The Month

Our retailers are such an important part of the Wonderful World of Victoria Eggs. So, in celebration of the incredible people we work alongside, we’re proud to bring you our May Retailer of the Month.

This month, we spoke to the fabulous team over at Goodwoods British Market, based in Texas USA.

We caught up with the owner of Goodwoods, Alix, to find out a little more about their store.

Tell us about the shop, Alix.

A Taste of Britain in Texas: The Story of Goodwoods British Market.

Goodwoods British Market isn't your average grocery store. It's a portal to Blighty, a love letter to Britain built on crumpets and a healthy dose of wanderlust. Our story starts not on the bustling streets of London, but under the warm Texas sun. Over 33 years ago, a Sheffield lad named Richard Goodlad found himself missing a taste of home. Bangers and mash, mushy peas, and a decent cuppa tea – these were the simple pleasures he craved. With a twinkle in his eye and a mere $500 put towards buying all the stock, Richard and his wife Robin, decided to create a slice of Britain right in the heart of Old Town Spring, Texas. 
Goodwoods began as a small store with a big mission: to quench the thirst (or should we say, teacup?) for British goodies in Houston. Their shelves brimmed with essentials like Marmite (love it or hate it, it's a British tradition!) and Heinz Baked Beans (because sometimes, even cowboys crave a taste of Blighty). But what truly set Goodwoods apart was the warmth of Richard and Robin Goodlad. Their store became a haven for Brits in Houston, a place to share stories over sausage rolls and find a piece of home amidst the Texas drawl.
Fast forward to today, and Goodwoods is a full-fledged British extravaganza under the new ownership of his daughter, Alix Attaway's enthusiastic leadership. With a youthful spirit (and a touch of Doctor Who obsession – you can't miss the TARDIS door!), she has transformed Goodwoods into an immersive experience. The bright red telephone booth outside the store is perfect for capturing memories, while the Anglo-Texan mural on the wall celebrates our unique heritage. We even have metal cutouts of the Royal family gracing the porch for the perfect photo opportunity. 
But Goodwoods is more than quirky charm. We boast the largest selection of British groceries in Texas, from classic treats like Tunnock's Tea Cakes to exotic jams and biscuits you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're a seasoned Anglophile planning a high tea party or simply curious to explore the world of British delights, we have something for everyone. We stock a large selection of Victoria Eggs - from teacups and saucers, to egg cups and cozies! You might even rediscover the very snacks your mum used to make – a taste of home, no matter where you wander from.
The story doesn't end in Old Town Spring! In February 2022, Alix opened  a second location in Friendswood Texas, bringing a slice of Britain to South Houston. We're more than a store; we're a community hub, a celebration of heritage, and a place where fun is always on the menu. So come on down, say "cheerio" to the ordinary, and explore the delightful world of Goodwoods British Market!  You never know what delicious adventure awaits you.

Describe your shop in three words!

Unique, Fun, Friendly 

What’s important to you as a shop manager?

The two most important things to me as a shop owner are the customers and the lovely team of employees we have. Taking care of both of them is at the heart of the store. I don't want customers to just grab groceries and head out. I want them to step into a world. Whether it's writing down their name and number so we can call them when we get items they want in stock, or having friendly banter with our staff, I want every visit to be an experience they remember and to go that little extra mile so they know we care. We're constantly adding fun touches and surprises to keep things fresh, and we love seeing the joy on people's faces when they discover something new or unexpected.  

The other pillar of Goodwoods is our fantastic team. These incredible women are like family to me. I value their ideas and contributions, and their friendly camaraderie creates a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere. I believe a happy and fulfilled team translates to happy customers, and it shows in the exceptional service we provide. This family spirit extends to our customers as well. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel comfortable, welcome, and like part of the Goodwoods family.

What’s your favourite season in the shop?

Christmas, hands down!
Christmas at Goodwoods British Market is my favourite time of year. There's a magic about Christmas time that you can feel in the air. Twinkling lights, festive decorations, and the bustle of people make it such a fun time of year. In our Old Town Spring location, the town has  horse-drawn carriages, Santa meet-and-greets, and a town-wide tree lighting ceremony. Every shop joins the festive spirit, creating a visually stunning backdrop for holiday shopping. I love helping customers find the perfect gift (Victoria Eggs is great for this!) and items to create their traditional British dinners. The excitement, magic, and bustle of people make Christmas a truly special season at the store.

Why do you choose to stock Victoria Eggs?

We choose to stock Victoria Eggs because we love the craftsmanship, detail, and uniqueness of the designs. Many fine bone china pieces are outsourced to China nowadays, which is why we're thrilled to be able to offer cups, saucers, and mugs actually made in the UK. Victoria Eggs products stand out for their meticulous craftsmanship. The designs that Victoria Eggs comes up with are so beautiful and detailed. Victoria Eggs elevates the tea time experience. The company itself is also very friendly and easy to work with! We enjoy the partnership with them.

What’s your favourite Victoria Eggs collection?

Right now, I'm in love with the afternoon tea collection. The colour is captivating, and the intricate details are simply breathtaking. They are special pieces that look lovely in the home and elevate the tea making experience.

Where can people find you?

Instagram: @britishmarket
Spring Store: 
220 Gentry St
Spring TX 77373
810 S Friendswood Dr
Friendswood TX 77546

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