The Team’s Top Christmas Gift Picks

Sometimes, choosing just the right gift for someone can be a bit of a challenge. To help you on your way with picking the perfect gift, the team have put together a list of their favourite Victoria Eggs pieces that they’ll be gifting to their loved ones this Christmas.

Victoria’s Picks

For her: The Wildlife in Spring Wash bag

I love packing this up when going away for the weekend, alongside my wildlife cosmetics bag which I use daily. It’s big enough to throw everything you need in there which is great! 

It’s such a peaceful design and reminds me of time spent outside with family, enjoying the garden and along with all of its new blooms.

For children: The London Icons Children’s Apron

My daughter loves wearing her London apron whilst we’re baking together (or eating a particularly messy dinner like spag bol!). She takes such pride in having her own apron hanging up next to mine and putting it on just like Mummy does! We visit London regularly and it always sparks a lovely conversation about places we’ve visited together or where she’d like to go on our next adventure! 


For him: The Autumn Mug 

We have a cupboard full of almost every mug I’ve sold since starting the company in 2011 (we never run out of clean mugs in our house!), but my husband will always have a search around for his favourite Autumn garden mug when making a cuppa. It’s his favourite time of year. 

We love seeing the leaves change colour and collecting the really pretty ones, along with other Autumn treasures such as conkers and acorns, with our young daughter. We inevitably find our pockets full of them, weighing us down on the walk home, before doing some kind of crafting activity together. Our pine cone Christmas tree decorations are some of my favourites.


Nicole’s Picks

For her: The Afternoon Tea Mug

I will be gifting this to my friend this Christmas as she loves an afternoon tea. We enjoy visiting new places and treating ourselves to a luxurious afternoon tea. We also love making them ourselves at home. It always causes a heated discussion as she puts the cream and jam on the Cornish way where as I have mine the Devon way! 


For him: The Santa’s Sleigh Tea and Shortbread Biscuits

I will be gifting the Santa’s Sleigh tea and shortbread biscuits to my daughter’s teacher this year. I always think it’s tricky buying gifts for teachers. They must get a lot of wine and chocolates! I know he drinks a lot of tea and who doesn’t love dunking a yummy biscuit in their tea! The illustrations are wonderful too and reminds all of us about the magic of Christmas!

For children: The London Icons Pencil Case

My daughter loves drawing and sketching and seems to get a new pen and pencil set every birthday and Christmas, so I am sure we will need a new pencil case this year to keep them all together! The illustrations are beautiful and this will look lovely on her desk in her bedroom. This will also match her London Icons apron, magnet and stamps from the collection. 


Tahlia’s Picks

For her: The Wildlife in Spring Oven Glove and Jugs

I absolutely adore the Wildlife In Spring design, and have already gifted my mum the ‘Mum’ mug and tea towel. So, for Christmas I’ve ordered her the Oven Gloves and the jugs to add to her collection. The delicate blues look so beautiful in her Farmhouse grey kitchen and I love snatching a moment for a catch up with her over a Victoria Eggs cuppa and a biscuit. 


For him: The Cockney Rhyming Slang Apron

My husband is from the North East, and when I first met him, his mum told the whole village I was a cockney (I’m actually from Kent). We still giggle about it, although we’ve been married for nearly 17 years, so this is a lovely memento from when we met. He loves to bake bread, so I’m also hoping he will be inspired to bake lots of yummy things over the Christmas holiday. Fingers crossed! 


For children: The London Bus Keyring

This perfect little enamel keyring is new to the collection, and I’ve had my eve on them for a while. They are perfectly sized for stocking fillers, and my younger children love to skip into school with a cute keyring dangling from their school bags. (I’m also hoping my eldest might not lose his keys with this fabulous little bus attached to them!) We do love a family trip up to London on the train during the holidays, so it will also bring back memories of many a happy time wandering around the Natural History Museum, marvelling at the dinosaurs and wonderful rocks on display.

Ellen’s Picks 

For her: The Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Bauble

My partners Nonna is a huge fan of the royal family, and being Italian Catholic, Christmas is a very special time for her. These ornamental baubles are perfect for her Christmas tree. 

For him: The Big Smoke Mug

My brother used to live in London and misses it all the time, so I’m gifting him a piece of London for his morning cuppa!


For children: The Simply London Bunting

My cousins kids are at that age where they’re wanting to decorate their own bedrooms, and they both absolutely love bunting! They also love visiting London and the excitement of the big city.

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