Victoria Eggs Designs A Bespoke Collection For Tower Bridge

We have some exciting news to share with you all; Victoria Eggs has designed a bespoke collection for Tower Bridge, which is now available via their shop!

When designing the collection, Victoria wanted to really make a feature of the scale of the bridge, so chose the view point of approaching the bridge from the River Thames. The design features thoughtful, detailed elements such as a small taxi and London bus patiently waiting on the bridge for the boat to pass underneath. The border of the design has been inspired by a detail at the top of the bridge, that the most eagle-eyed observer will notice. The Union Jack and St. George’s Cross wave proudly in the wind and above them, clouds and birds fly by. 

"I’ve always been awestruck by Tower Bridge - there is something so special about it. It used to take my breath away as a child when visiting London and I still get excited every time I see it. I was honoured to be asked to design a collection for Tower Bridge and it’s been such a lovely project to work on." Victoria says. "It’s lovely to think the items will be taken home as a keepsake to remember a special day and trip."

Victoria Eggs and Tower Bridge have had a long-standing relationship for many years, so when they approached Victoria about designing a bespoke Tower Bridge collection to sit alongside the Simply London collection by Victoria Eggs in their shops, Victoria got right to sketching.

Enjoy this iconically British design in the form of a print, mug, bauble, magnet, pot grab, tea towel, egg cup, cosmetics bag, bunting, pot stand, tote bag, and clotted cream fudge. Available via the Tower Bridge website, and in their shop.

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