Oxo Tower, We're Moving in!

We’ve moved into the iconic Oxo Tower Wharf!  

Victoria Eggs started eight years ago at a small stand at the Spitalfields Market and since then we have always had the dream of opening our own studio. Having our own space would give us the opportunity to meet our lovely customers in person. Our eyes were set on a studio in the iconic Oxo Tower for many years. The dream has finally become a reality and we are thrilled to have this be a part of our story.

Check out the entire journey and what we have planned for our new space…

What is the Oxo Tower Wharf?

The Oxo Tower Wharf holds some of the UK’s most innovative and internationally renowned design, food, craft and art business – now we are one of them!


In the early 1900s, the building was designed as a power station which was used to provide electricity directly to the Royal Mail Post Office.


In the 1920s and 1930s, the building was acquired by Liebig Extract who decided to rebuild and design it with the iconic tower. Liebig requested that the tower bit illuminated for all of London to see. This request was denied by authorities, leaving Liebig to be a little more creative! They re-designed the tower to have three windows, two circles and one cross, that were installed ironically like one of the company’s biggest brands: OXO. This loop hole got around the skyline ban and established the Oxo Tower. The Oxo Tower is still the only building that has advertising on it visible to everyone.


The Oxo Tower remained in use for the industrial heyday that the 1930s t0 the 1960s were until the industry crashed and the Oxo Tower fell in despair and was largely derelict.


It was then in the 1970s that Coin Street Community Buildings began major renovations and opened to the public in 1996.


Coin Street Community Builders is a social enterprise that aims to make London’s South Bank a great place to live, work in, and visit. They have transformed this site into a thriving mixed-use neighbourhood by creating new spaces for shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars along with a park and riverside walkway.


Where is the Oxo Tower Wharf?

Located on the Thames River, in the hustle and bustle of the South Bank and Bankside areas, the Oxo Tower Wharf stands tall and proud. This riverside landmark is our new home! We are located on the first floor on the court yard sidein studio 1.21.  

Oxo Tower Wharf

Studio 1.21

Bargehouse Street

South Bank

London SE1 9PH


How we got there?

Eight years ago, Victoria started creating British inspired products that came from her favourite eats, places she has visited, the chic city life and childhood memories. Her hand-illustrated designs were screen printed onto T-Shirts and tea towels in a freezing studio in South London and were being sold in her stall at Spitalfields Market.


Business was booming and Victoria Eggs was running her independent business from her home office whilst her designs became available online and to over 100 stockists.


As the years went on, it was time to move to a bigger home. Thus, the hunt for a studio began!


What’s next?

Now finding a new home at the Oxo Tower Wharf, this studio will give us the opportunity to do many things! The space will be a creative hub for new designs and inspiration along with being a place to hold workshops. It will be a show room for our current and future stockist. It will be a retail store for people to buy directly from the lady behind the tea towel.


Long story short, we’ve got big plans!


We are honoured to be located in the iconic Oxo Tower Wharf!

Stop on by! We are OPEN late May!

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