A Taste of Wimbledon


Each year in the final week of June the British public are treated to a display of laundered whites and striped lawns. These unmistakeable sights are a staple of the British summer; combine with the unforgettable thwock of rubber on string and the violent grunts of players and you have yourself the sensory spectacle of Wimbledon. But the tennis tournament is also famous for its titillation of another sense.


Let’s be fair, for many among us, Wimbledon isn’t about the tennis. The competition is a perfect excuse for us to patriotically devour strawberries and cream and guzzle Pimm’s without guilt, for the good of the nation of course. So without further ado here are some ideas on how to shake up classic Wimbledon recipes:

Strawberries and Cream…Cheesecake!

The food stalls at Wimbledon strictly serve only grade I Kent strawberries (no less than ten per punnet), picked the day before, delivered at 5:30am and individually inspected before being served. For those less pedantic about their strawberry consumption, the strawberry (of any grade) lends itself well to a cheesecake. Served in a kilner jar these are perfect for a picnic - make sure to transport in a cooler bag to avoid an (Eton) mess.

Blog Wimbledon Cheesecake

Pimm’s Cupcakes

With an estimated 200,000 glasses sold at the tournament each year, Pimm’s is undoubtedly the drink of Wimbledon. Try adding some orange zest to the mix and prepare an alcoholic jelly filling with Strawberries, Pimm’s and cornflour for bakery’s answer to the beverage. But Pimm’s is all in the assembly, make sure to decorate with fresh strawberries, orange, cucumber and a sprig of mint to get that summer look.

Blog Wimbledon Cupcake

Tennis Ball Macarons

These cute, Zesty macarons are made with lemon ganache and most importantly, a few drops of yellow food colouring added during beating stage. These are a must-make for any Wimbledon parties you end up hosting this year.

Blog Wimbledon Macaron

Cucumber sandwiches with Marmite

For something so seemingly inoffensive, the cucumber sandwich has upset many. The variables are numerous –and where you stand on peeling, slicing, salting, seasoning and de-crusting may delight some and repel others. But love it or hate it marmite is the perfect way to balance a cucumber sandwich… trust me.


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