Get ready for Spring 2015!

Spring is here! And with it, Pantone have announced their PANTONE® Fashion Colour Report. The report is released annually to coincide with the start of New York Fashion Week, and features the top 10 colours for fashion in the coming year.

spring coloue pallet

The colours chosen by the PANTONE® Fashion Colour Report for 2015


And for 2015, it has been predicted that the colour for Spring 2015 will be en plein air. In essence, soft, warm tones, and minimalistic pairings that are inspired by nature. So whilst we get shopping filling our closets with these en plein air themed tones, we can also do a little spring-cleaning in our homes.



Pastels are a great way to incorporate soft colours throughout your home. Perfect for childrens' rooms, they give a fun and playful, yet highly sophisticated look. But don't be fooled, these colours are not only for the kids, they sit perfectly at home with adults as well. However, if you're unsure, introduce pastels in small doses throughout the home at first. Flowers are a great way to easily bring in new colour pallets. Carnations, roses, and hyacinths all come in beautiful pink, purple, yellow, and blue shades.

We can also think soft in scents and textures throughout the home. Cushions and smaller textiles are a great and inexpensive way to change the feel and tone of a room. An addition of a plump cushion, or textured throw to your living room chairs will spice up tired spaces. Similarly, a new rug works nicely to update a room and keep your home on trend.



After a cold winter, we're all looking forward to some heat! Say goodbye to the chills of winter by bringing warm creams and oranges into your home this spring. Let yourself feel inspired with colours from nature; embrace the bright colours of crocuses, daffodils and tulips for a perfectly easy way to welcome warmth into the home. As the days get longer and milder, take advantage of the 'extra' time in the day by trying out recipes you've been putting off all winter. Our bold and bright Cockney Rhyming Slang aprons are bang on trend for this season, and will help motivate you into the kitchen to cook up something scrumptious.



From the runway to in-store, minimalistic looks and monochrome products are taking over the scene. And an excellent way to achieve this particular trend is to try and aim for all grey, cream and blush looks this spring.

A statement wall is always an excellent way to really elevate your home decor. A great example is our Airfix London Wallpaper in black. Whilst the monochrome, silhouette style is great for a solitary wall, it's far too busy to reach around an entire room. Instead use it to create a statement, that will draw the eye and wow your guests!


Whichever particular Spring 2015 trend takes your fancy, here at Victoria Eggs we've got you covered. From monochrome statement walls to splashes of colour in your kitchen tea towels, you're sure to find something that will have you skipping into spring.

For the full PANTONE® Fashion Colour Report click here.

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