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Victoria Eggs Guide to Britain

Some of you may have spotted our ‘Britain Needs You' campaign over the last week on Facebook and Twitter. With your help we will be embarking on a grand tour of the UK, beginning with the South West, celebrating its beautiful beaches, wonderful crafts and classic Cornish pasties. We will then travel up through eleven more exciting regions. We will be passing over mighty peaks in Wales, rolling valleys and elegant promenades in the West Country, be staggered by London architecture, sample tea and pies in Yorkshire, and sip the finest scotch in Scotland in the warmest woolen kilts! We will be celebrating the things we all know and love about good old Blighty, and we want you to help us discover those hidden gems local to you, which make Britain great.


It is our mission to celebrate our unique traditions and heritage, and help promote and support British born and bred companies. There is a lot that's special about our little island. Few places in the world have such a rich history as Britain and for such a small place we have a huge variety of dialects and traditions. One person's ‘bun' is another person's ‘cob', and another person's ‘bread cake' did you know! From city to country to seaside, we want to celebrate the old and the new, from the beauty of the Shard to the towering fells of The Lake District, highlighting what we all know and love but also what's new and yet undiscovered for many of us Brits.


Britain Needs You

As you know we are very passionate about handmade products in the UK. We love to help promote independent businesses whose roots are here in Britain.

We want you to get involved and tell us what you love about your country, be it great British products, produce, events, people, or places, we want to hear from those that, like us, support and love our country. Whether you are a city trader or a green fingered farmer, we need your suggestions. Which shops, walks, dishes, or British companies would you recommend?


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