Innovative Solutions to all your gift-wrapping problems.

Whether your gift is round or awkwardly shaped or you simply don't have time to take hours out of your day, we have quick and easy tips and tricks for the festive season!

We all know that feeling. You've pushed your way through the crowds, agonised over what to buy and FINALLY purchased all your gifts: a bottle of wine for your dad, a snow-globe for your niece and that triangular box of chocolates for your brother's girlfriend's sister's mother (when is it appropriate to stop?!) In the wake of that ordeal you could be forgiven for sitting back, relaxing and giving yourself a pat on the back, basking in your organised glow and looking forward to Christmas without a care in the world.

But then that moment slowly dawns on you, bringing with it a sense of dread and the knowledge that hours of your time are to be lost slaving away. For many, even the very idea of this activity can diminish the excitement you feel for upcoming celebrations: the wrapping of your presents.

But never fear, because we at Victoria Eggs, have come up with some easy solutions to make sure that you sail into the festive season without a care in the world. We have got every pesky shaped item covered and promise that not only will you save yourself tonnes of hassle but that you will be admired for your ingenuity and beautiful presentation! (Don't worry you can thank us later)

First up, the wine bottle.

Now this is an age old mystery when it comes to wrapping! It is easy enough to stuff it into a bag but it never looks very presentable and if it is a gift for a loved one it can feel impersonal somehow. So instead how about combining two presents in one using a tea-towel, apron or other cloth item such as a canvas bag? Not only is this quick and easy, it also keeps the wine bottle safe from any cracks or potential breaks. It really spruces up something that can feel quite mundane and ordinary. Instant wow-factor and incredibly practical, what more could you want?

Next, it's the turn of that dreaded round object, the arch nemesis of the wrapper. What we have discovered is that the best way to deal with a round object is to not treat it like one! In the video below, you can see that by creating a pocket out of wrapping paper you can simply slip your item into the pouch and secure it with Sellotape. No twisting, turning or intricate cutting patterns. Who needs Santa's elves? You've got this covered!

And last but not least, you've got that triangular box of chocolates that's crying out for a little decoration. Let's be honest, no one wants to receive something that comes just as it is and cellophane wrappers don't scream thought and consideration. With triangular items, there is just one word that springs to mind, and that's FOLDING. Once you have the technique, we assure you there won't be any way of stopping you. Look out, one-(wo)man present production line coming through!

So there we are. Three time and energy friendly solutions that solve your wrapping woes. Wrapping does not have to be a dreaded activity and actually we think it allows you to get creative and ultimately, have a little fun before the main event arrives! 

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