Victoria Eggs' New Collections, Launching 2024

We're delighted to share with you the sneak peak for Victoria's two newest designs; a detailed and beautiful homage to the Royal Family, and a colourful and festive take on the 12 Days of Christmas carol.

Both collections will be available for pre-order in January 2024.

Royal Family

The intricately hand-drawn Royal design gazes through the fairytale trees into the private time shared as a family in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. 

The trees are emblazoned with details unique to the personalities and interests of the Royal Family, creating a regal Easter Egg hunt across its strokes. 

These include; King Charles II environmental work and support for the arts, Queen Camilla’s love for books, gardening, her favourite flowers and beloved dogs, William, Prince of Wales passion for football and polo, Catherine, Princess of Wales love for photography, tennis and hockey, Prince George carrying a picnic basket showing his love of cooking, Princess Charlotte’s ballet slippers, and Price Louis love of gardening. 

Every product in the collection is proudly made in the UK.

The design also includes the National Flowers of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; the rose, daffodil, thistle and shamrock.

12 Days of Christmas

 Inspired by English Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas, the delicate hand-drawn design features a traditional wreath, adorned with tiny delights to celebrate each magical day of the season. Ballet slippers are nestled amongst pine cones to represent the 9 ladies dancing, and a gold ring entangled by eucalyptus and holly. A fresh and timeless take on this well loved song. Printed in maroon with elegant gold detailing.

The design evokes images of a snow covered ground surrounded by twinkling lights and beautifully adorned wreaths placed carefully upon doors. The house inside is filled with the sweet sounds of family chattering and the cheerful chorus of carolers singing throughout the streets whilst waiting in anticipation  for Father Christmas. .

Every product is lovingly made in the UK using the finest British craftsmanship, resulting in a beautiful blend of heritage and contemporary design. From the Cornish clay that creates the fine bone china for our ceramics, to the 100% cotton textiles which are printed using environmentally safe water-based inks. We pride ourselves on working closely with manufacturers who use sustainable materials and processes.

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