Victoria's Story

victoria's story

Meet Victoria Eggs...

Award winning designer Victoria Eggs (yes... that is her real name!) has won our hearts with her fun and playful designs which proudly salute all that makes Britain British. Founded by its namesake in March 2011, her premium quality homeware, gifts and greetings cards are all made in Britain. Guaranteed to bring a smile to the face, the designs range from hearty British grub to giant London buses, seaside fun to Christmas delights.

We are honoured...

Victoria was awarded Gift of the Year 2012 for ‘Made in the UK‘, and came runner up in the category ‘Celebrating Britain’. She was also a finalist for Startups Awards 2013, Home-based Business of the year 2013 and Open to Export 2013, and shortlisted for Gift of the year 2013 and Heart Home Design Awards 2012.

Victoria is also hugely honoured to have been awarded with Alumni of the Year 2014 by Birmingham City University for her achievements in Business and Enterprise.

How we got here...

Having grown up in Royston, Hertfordshire, the idea of London always appealed to Victoria and even now, she is still thrilled by the city, forever taking photos to capture its spirit. However, it was a long journey before she eventually ended up in the current Victoria Eggs office in Islington.

Victoria graduated from Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in 2005 with a BA in Fine Art, specialising in film and photography. Having graduated Victoria went on to gain a wealth of experience within the creative industries. She began by designing greeting cards for Real and Exciting Designs and Ve Gallery using her own photography, afterwards working for the branding and communication company BrandCulture. It was later, while working for fashion label Ben Sherman in Sydney (which celebrate 60's mod & British culture), that she first reworked iconic British images such as the Queen's head, Union Jack and red telephone box. In 9 months travelling the world and 12 more working in Australia, Victoria began to understand that she wanted to focus not only on the design, but also the business aspects of the creative industry. Yet being abroad made her realise that, as a Brit, a simple teacup and saucer can tug at your heartstrings from anywhere on the globe.

Victoria soon began working on her own designs and brand ideas, exploring what it is that makes the UK such a unique, inspiring and fun place to live or visit. Having moved back to the UK in 2010, Victoria decided that she wanted to produce all of her products in Britain and for them to be of an extremely high quality. She founded ‘Victoria Eggs' in 2011 and now devotes as much time to trade fairs, running the business and ensuring general excellence as she does to design. Her simple and eye-catching products are now available in over 150 stockists in UK and overseas, including Selfridges, West Elm, The Tate and The National Gallery.


Victoria Eggs is inspired by just about everything whether it's language, food, city life, hobbies or memories. In her designs you'll find creations inspired by good old fashion hearty grub, a trip to the market, sticks of rock at the seaside and the bustle of city life.

Her sense of humour shines though in the designs, all of which aim to bring a smile to your face. Her use of colour combined with unique imagery results in playful and bold additions for your home.

Victoria's all for painting the town (and your walls) red with the thrills of British life, splashing seaside memories about in your washing up bowl and bringing some nostalgic chic to your contemporary home with a tug of an apron string or a hearty cushion cuddle.

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