20 creative ways to use a 1 litre kilner jar


One of our new and exciting products this year is our Condiments Tea Towel Gift Set that has the option to come conveniently packed within a multipurpose 1 Litre Kilner Jar. This gift set is great for any foodie as not only does it include designs of all Brits' favorite condiments but the 1 Litre Kilner jar also allows you to prepare your own food, such as preserves, pickled foods, jellies, chutney, etc. Â Not only can you use the jar for preserving food, it provides many opportunities in which you can be creative and use it around your home; for example, a tea bag holder as shown above.


If you're a fan of do-it-yourself (DIY) then you will definitely love this jar and its seemingly endless possibilities. Here at Victoria Eggs, we have brainstormed a list of inventive ways to use your Kilner jar in addition to the more conventional options:

20 Creative Uses for a 1 litre Kilner Jar

  1. Artistic Supplies Holder (Paintbrushes, pens, pencils, etc.): to add pizazz paint the jar first
  2. Soap Dispenser
  3. Air Freshener: fill with baking soda/oils/etc.
  4. Hanging Lantern: fIll with string lights
  5. Make a Snow Globe
  6. Pre-mixed Cocktails for a party
  7. Terrarium
  8. Coin Jar
  9. Wrap with rope and use for bathroom storage
  10. Match HolderKilner-Jar-creative
  11. Table Lamp: just add the shade and light bulb
  12. Pantry Storage (pasta, pretzels, nuts, popcorn, beans etc.)
  13. Ready-to-go Table Setting
  14. Flower Vase: dip it in glitter to make it a bit more decorative
  15. Pre-made Salads for a picnic
  16. Oil Lamp/Candle Holder
  17. Pre-made baked treats - i.e. Pie
  18. Yarn Dispenser
  19. Sewing Kit
  20. Shaker: just poke holes in the top (great for grated cheese, sugar, spices, etc.)

Kilner-jar-fairy-lightsKilner-Jar-creative-ways-to-useOf course, there are many other uses for Kilner jars but these are some of the best that we could think of or find online. You can also have a look at our Kilner Jar Pinterest board for further ideas. So when you order your Tea Towel Set, don't just set the 1 litre Kilner jar aside, take a look at this list and find something creative to do with it. If you have any brilliant ideas that we forgot, feel free to comment and let us know."

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