Happy St David's Day

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Happy St David's Day, the national day for those in Wales and of Welsh origin! Today is a day to commemorate the life of Wales' patron saint, St David, and celebrate the Welsh culture.

St David is believed to have died in 589 but the first texts referencing his life appeared roughly five hundred years later so a bit of uncertainty and mystery still surrounds his life. Traveling widely through Wales, he founded multiple churches, eventually becoming an archbishop.

So how exactly do people celebrate St David's Day?

Many people pin a daffodil or leek to their clothes, both symbols of Wales. Others, especially children, wear traditional costumes on this special day.

What can you do to celebrate? No matter where you are, there are plenty of ways to join in on the fun.

Most distinguished is the annual St David's Day parade in Cardiff, Wales. You will not be let down with an eccentrically colourful and musically entertaining parade right in the heart of the city.

If you are in London, make sure to stop by London Welsh Centre. There is a special concert featuring Cor Llunsain Choir and Ben Smith from Only Men Aloud Welsh Choir.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Welsh flag, white and green with a pronounced red dragon in the middle, flying out of many buildings in the UK. If you're too busy during the day, you can still join in on the celebration at dinner. Many restaurants are featuring a special and scrumptious Welsh menu.

On a final but exciting note, we are happy to introduce to you our new Welsh collection! With the celebration of St David, Wales' patron saint, it couldn't be a more perfect day to share with you our latest collection. This new design will complete the circle with our English and Scottish collections. Tea towels and aprons will feature classic Welsh meals and images in vintage typography design. Whether it's worn with pride whilst cooking up a traditional Welsh feast or given as a special gift, this new Welsh collection will be sure to add charm and culture to the kitchen.

We want to hear from you! Join in on the celebration by sharing with us your favourite Welsh recipe and how you plan on spending this special day on our Facebook and Twitter pages."

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