7th Anniversary Q&A with founder Victoria Eggs

On the seventh anniversary of Victoria Eggs Ltd, we sit down with founder Victoria Eggs and asked 7 questions about her company:

  • Can you describe what you love about your company using only 7 words?

    Everyday is different, fun, unpredictable and creative.


  • Where do you see your brand in 7 more years?

    A go to company for high quality British made and designed gifts.


  • What have been your 3 major highlights since the last anniversary?

    Finding the right person to join the company. Hiring is one of the hardest things to do in any business but especially when you’re a team of one and that first person and job role is so important to the company. Handing over responsibility is tough and it needs to be to the right person. I’ve been lucky enough to find that in my account manager Tara.

    The incredible displays in high street retailers. Companies such as Steamer Trading, Paperchase, Bentalls and Whole Foods are creating a story in their stores with our products. The displays really catch your eye and they are taking up more and more retail space, it’s such an honour! It's an amazing feeling to see something I’ve created selling so well.

    The third one would be Holly and Phil wearing the Christmas aprons on ITV’s This Morning. Need I say more. Seeing the King and Queen of daytime TV in the UK do a cooking feature in the Christmas delights aprons was such a thrill.

  • What has been your favourite collection you’ve designed so far?

    For years it was the orange Cockney Rhyming Slang design, but now I would have to say the Simply London collection, or possibly the new Nautical range! I’m really pleased with how both of these ranges look and the variety of products on offer within the collection.

  • Any advice for other artists/creators/small businesses who are just starting out?

    Cash Flow.
     Cash is king, understand your business model and don’t tie up cash in stock if you don’t have to.

    Know your role. To start with you’ll be doing everything, but as your business grows be clear where your strengths lie and what your role is. The E-Myth is a great book for working this out and I'd recommend it to anyone who is looking to start a business.

    Hiring People. Hire smart and fire fast! It may sound brutal but I’ve made mistakes with this before and it can cost you greatly and not just financially.

    Ask Questions. All through my business I have worked closely with the British Library, the information and help available there is incredible. Get a good mentor if you can and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can’t do it all on your own.

    What's your USP. Know what you’re really selling and what you USP is. (Unique Selling Point). E.g. Apple aren’t just selling technology, they are inventing, reinventing disrupting and rebelling, redefining the future and changing the world, that's far more exciting than selling a computer.


  • What’s one goal you’re currently working towards?

    Expanding our product offerings. I’m in the process of talking to buyer and customers and finding out what they are looking for. Our range of homeware and gifts is about to get a little larger!


  • Where do you get your inspiration?

    My designs are inspired my experiences, whether that’s making Airfix models with my brother when we were children, my Dad calling stairs ‘apples and pairs’ and curry ‘ruby’, holidays on various British coastlines, Mum’s Shepherd’s Pie, days out in London Town or fond memories of family Christmas traditions. Each and every design has an element of nostalgia, something that’s personal to me but also taps into equally fond memories for you. All of them designed to bring a smile to your face, I hope they do! 😊



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