Victoria’s Favourite Seaside Towns

Victoria’s Favourite Seaside Towns: Where to go on your next holiday!
Southwold & St. Ives
“You can’t visit a British seaside town and not eat fish and chips on the beach.” — Victoria Eggs
  1. Southwold

Between the picturesque beach huts, salty sea air, and tasty treats—you can’t go wrong with a weekend trip to this quaint seaside town.

Explore the Southwold lighthouse where you can climb up a spiral staircase to get beautiful panoramic views. Then take a stroll down the pier where you’ll find shops, cafes, and can even play a few games in the amusement arcades.

If you’re dying for some traditional fish and chips, there are loads of restaurants that catch their fish locally so you can count on a deliciously fresh meal!

“Be sure to walk along the seafront and pass the endless colourful beach huts!” — Victoria Eggs


  1. Ives

This beach town feels like a tropical dream! You can’t miss the unique shops, delicious cafes and, of course, the beautiful sandy beaches.

Some of the local shops sell fresh-made fudge, milkshakes, and ice cream which is a must when strolling along the wharf. If you’re feeling artsy, the Tate St. Ives is a modern art museum featuring the work of British artists from the area! There you’ll also find expansive views of the sea that you won’t want to miss.

At the end of the day, be sure to catch the sunset. Porthmeor Beach is a great spot to grab a beer and watch the sun go down. It’s the little things.

“It’s just some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see in St. Ives.” — Victoria Eggs



UK Seaside quirks!

  • Beach Huts are a part of what makes the British Seaside unique. But did you know they can be really expensive? Last year, a tiny beach hut on Dorset sold for £275,000. We may not be purchasing one anytime soon, but they are fun to walk by and take pictures of!
  • 99 Flake is a classic treat that’s part of the British Seaside culture. Vanilla ice cream and a Cadbury flake that is specially produced for the purpose of the ice cream. How can you visit the beach and not enjoy a cone… or two… or five? 
  • Known as a British seaside souvenir sweet, sticks of rock is something traditional that sets the British Seaside apart from others. These sweets come in a variety of flavours and the most common rocks are named after places such as Blackpool, Brighton, and Margate. Wonderful places, and a wonderful treat.
  • Fish n Chips is another tradition that is held in the British Seaside. Over 150 years ago this simple but delicious British dish was created and became part of the UK’s history. You must, however, enjoy this snack on the beach. It’ll taste better, we swear!


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