Getting to Know Victoria Eggs and her Summer Favourites

Victoria Eggs (yes… that is her real name!) is the designer behind all of your favourite British made homeware and gift products. She founded the company in March 2011 to create playful products guaranteed to make you smile. In order to really get to know Victoria, we asked her about her favourite things to do in the summer.


Where are your favourite places in and around London to visit in the summer?

I love London in the summer! My favourite place to picnic is in Hyde Park. I love taking a boat along the Thames to Richmond or Greenwich, catching a film at the rooftop cinema in Shoreditch, or grabbing a drink in a local beer garden such as The Alwyne Castle, The Smoke House in Canonbury or The Albion. And if I fancy a day trip to the seaside I always go to Whitstable.

What are your go-to summer dishes?

Spiralizing! I love making huge salads full of a variety of colourful spiralized vegetables, seeds, nuts and a really good dressing. And of course, nothing beats a good old fashioned UK BBQ. On the weekends, I’ll usually make a nice breakfast at home with my husband of poached eggs, smashed avocado with lemon and chilli flakes, salmon and sourdough toast. Yum!

How would you describe your summer style?

Summer clothes are my favourite and I particularly love anything with colour or stripes! I stay bright with oranges, turquoise and corals, and you'll normally find me in a flowing skirt, bright patterned dress or striped shorts.

Poached eggs At the end of a hot summer day, what movies would you want to wind down with?

One of my favourites is 'Before Sunrise', if you haven't seen it you must! I also can’t get enough of La La Land. It has such a lovely soundtrack too!

Do you have any other favourite summer albums?

There is always music on in my flat, whether it's the weekend, evening or working day. My weekend morning go to albums are Van Morrison (Back on Top), The Kooks (Inside In Inside Out), Prince (Purple Rain) and Al Green (Call Me).

What are your favourite products for the summer?

Anyone who knows me will know that I love bright colours, from the clothes I wear to bright colours all around my home! The orange Cockney Rhyming Slang mug is a brilliantly bold colour and always makes the perfect cup of tea. I always make sure to take the London Eye canvas bag with me for my picnics or trips to the beach. And the English Dinner placemats and coasters are perfect for dishing up a summer meals inside or out!

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