Tara's Summer Travel Guide - tips & favourite places

Tara Nei joined the Victoria Eggs team just three months ago. She has the pleasure of looking after all our wholesale accounts and sales which allows her to work with brilliant shops and galleries all over the UK and abroad on a daily basis, offering customer support and opening new accounts.

She also looks after enquiries from customers that order online, making sure everyone receives great customer service and are happy with their order. We talked to Tara to learn her travel tips and favourite destinations.

What has been your favourite summer holiday?

My favourite summer holiday has to be Greece in 2012. I went to the most beautiful islands of Hydra and Spetses with my boyfriend and was completely blown away, feeling like I had stepped back in time and into another world. Hydra doesn’t have a single car on the island so you can really get lost in how picturesque everything is.

I am American and it was my first time crossing the pond to Europe. I absolutely loved everything about it and just a year after that first trip across the pond and a subsequently glorious trip to the UK, I moved to London for good.

What parks do you frequent on warm summer days?

I really love St James's park. Such an amazing variety of plants and animals, surrounded by such beautiful architecture, never gets old to me. I love meeting a friend after work on a warm summer evening with Prosecco and strawberries. London is a great city for parks and green space. You could probably visit a new park every week for a year if you wanted to!

Where would you suggest tourists visit in London?

I take everyone to Borough Market. Good food and drink wins everyone over. After that a stroll down Southbank to Westminster Bridge and you can see most all of London’s Icon Skyline all in one go.

There is also a brilliant cycle route from Blackfriars to Hyde Park that goes past the London Eye and Big Ben that I love, a great way to get to know London and end at another beautiful park along the Serpentine.

What is one food everyone must try when they come to the UK?

The first time I tried Sticky Toffee Pudding I almost died. I can’t believe I survived so long without it, no question that’s the winner for me.

Britain should start exporting that around the world, they really don’t know what they’re missing, take some to the Brexit negotiations as well, just to sweeten them up!

Which Victoria Eggs products are your favourites to use out and about in the summer?

In the summer I love the stay out after work and take advantage of the long sunny evenings. The canvas Tote bags are brilliant for everything from picnic supplies, gym kit, shopping, or my laptop so I can plan busy evenings after work and have everything I need.

I can’t wait until Christmas so I can give all my favourite Victoria Eggs homewares as gifts to my friends and family!

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