Top 5 Tips to Making the Perfect Breakfast in Bed this Mother's Day

 Mum deserves something special this Mother’s Day…


For all those times Mum made you breakfast, now is a time to give back! Weather it is a full English breakfast or just a piping hot cup of tea, we have put together a list of tips to make this Mother’s Day a hit starting with the most important meal of the day for a very important woman.


  1. Decorate with Fresh Flowers

Decorate your breakfast spread with some fresh flowers. Pop down to a local flower market and pick out a lovely bouquet just for Mum!

Our Hand Decorated, Fine Bone China Half Pint Jugs are not only for milk and juice! Arrange a small bunch of flowers in one and put on Mum’s breakfast tray.

Hot cross buns and tea and flowers 

  1. Write Notes on Cards

Make the moment memorable with a personal touch created just for Mum. A homemade card is sure to make Mum remember this moment and tells Mum just how much you adore her.

 Need a simpler option? Try one of our Greeting Cards to add some British flair to the occasion!

 London Greeting Card

  1. Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

 Start Mum’s day with a cup of tea. If no one makes the perfect cuppa like Mum, give her the perfect set up! Supply the ingredients, a stylish mug and a playful coaster so she can start her morning off right.

Our Simply London collection is a perfect go to!


  1. Cook Up Heart-Shaped Pancakes

Make Mum feel extra loved with heart-shaped pancakes! After creating the perfect stack, simply use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create the pancakes into heart and serve to Mum!

 Heart Shaped pancakes

  1. Don’t Leave it to Mum to do the Dishes 

After serving a surprise breakfast in bed, nothing would spoil the moment more than leaving the cleanup to Mum. Have the kitchen already cleaned before she even gets out of bed!

Use one of our 100% organic cotton Tea Towels to not only add style to the meal, but to dry up your dishes while cleaning!

 London tea towel


Mother’s Day should simply be all about her. Go above and beyond to show Mum just how much you love, admire and appreciate her. Mums make the world go around, so why not give Mum the world on 31 March. Cheers to mums everywhere!

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