Top 6 Crazy Easter Eggs for 2018

Tara Nei

Posted on March 22 2018

Victoria, staying true to her namesake, loves the Easter season because of all the eggs! They’re everywhere! As a kid, Easter meant eating all of the delicious chocolate eggs, not caring about what they looked like, but now that we’re older, we'd like our eggs to be a little different! Lucky for us, you can get fancy eggs from practically any store this time of year so we’ve decided to compile a list of the top six crazy egg designs we’ve seen so far!



This is Victoria's pick, she's a huge fan of scotch eggs and this fits the bill! This incredibly overindulgent chocolatey creation is perfect for anyone that loves to Cadburys Creme eggs! The eggs are wrapped in a chocolate toffee crisp biscuit crunch, then coated in chocolate biscuit crumbs. The hand made chocolate Scotch egg is available from Sweet Trees at Not on the High Street and is priced at £10.95.

Photo: Not on the High Street.



This Easter egg from Waitrose is different to say the least… It’s made with Belgian chocolate and most importantly, it looks like an actual avocado! People loved this Easter egg so much that they sold out almost instantly. And for only £8 we can see why! It’s almost too cute to eat. Almost.

Photo: Waitrose



 This egg may be the biggest one on the list. Literally. Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate crafted this massive Easter egg featuring hand-piped floral designs! Its weight comes in at a whopping 5,400 grams. And for only £250, it can be yours to take home! That’s if you can actually carry it! 


 Photo: Bettys & Taylors



Served in the famous takeaway box that you see in all the stores, this sandwich definitely shouldn’t be mistaken for the classic egg and mayo because its made entirely of chocolate! It’s hilariously delicious and you probably wont want to eat it! However, Hotel Chocolat sells it for only £10 so go ahead and enjoy the treat after all! Way better than egg and mayo. 


 Photo: Hotel Chocolat 




This egg from Godiva Chocolates is festive for sure. With tiny, intricate beads on the entire outside, the chocolate inside is merely an afterthought. The bright spring colors are perfect to show off on Easter Sunday. The only catch: this little egg retails for £55!





So this last one you can’t exactly buy… but it’s too good not to share! And it’s probably the most hilarious we’ve seen. Why simply dye your Easter eggs when you can plaster your family’s faces on them? Bonus points for finding the funniest pictures! This idea from Good Housekeeping is so good we might have to try these out this year and see what reactions we get!


Let us know which of these eggs is your favourite! And, of course, we want to wish you a very happy Easter Sunday! Don’t forget to have a few chocolate eggs on us!

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  • Mike Joseph: April 01, 2021

    Seriously how cute are these Easter egg heads. They are fun to do and best of all kids love them. I just love your Easter crafts ideas and surely, will do some fun activity this year. Happy Easter to all – Cheers!

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